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Visitor Comments:

"It was so nice to learn about the significance of the sculptures and buildings that we pass everyday."


"The tour guide was so kind and was very knowledgeable about the architecture. He even gave an impromptu photography lesson."


"[Our tour guide] knew all the facts and history behind the buildings. He is a very pleasant tour guide and we appreciated him taking time to share with us some of the history of Kosovo."


The tour guide was great! He’s extremely knowledgeable of local history, which was really helpful. He also did a great job giving us some personal commentary on the city, and did so tactfully and with professionalism.

KAE Walking City Tours

Let us share with you our love and passion for our city! All of our tours are given by locals (from Mitrovica) who are eager to share their stories and experience with you.

Rather than guides, we are story tellers. We go beyond showing you the sights to offer you a different perspective, always aiming to be honest and open-minded.

Join us on one of our walking tours and discover the complex and fascinating city of Mitrovica!

The Mitrovica City Walk Tour
You'll hear interesting stories about the city's rich history and heritage – from the largest mosque in Kosovo to the iconic "bridge" in present day Mitrovica. Tour highlights include historical architecture, monuments of historic Albanian figures,  and a Turkish bath.  This tour will also introduce you to the heart of the city's pedestrian walkway the "korza" where many cafe's offer some of the best macchiato's in the Balkans.

What to Expect:

  • The tour is about 1.5 - 2 hours long (depending on the size of the group)

  • The tour is in English

  • All tours start at the Kosovo Art Exchange Gallery (see our location HERE)

Supporting the Arts in Mitrovica:
The cost of the tour goes directly into helping the KAE Gallery sustaining a place to support and showcase local artists. 


  • 7€ per person 16 years and older

  • Children 15 years and under are free

  • Payment should be made at the KAE Gallery (cash only)

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