One-liners. Love them, hate them! We live in a world of quick, fast, and SHORT communication.

Share your "poetic" texts. Literally. Send us a snapshot from your phone or other device with texts you've received or sent that you just know is literary genius. Okay, maybe not literary, but worth sharing with the rest of us.

In conjunction with the TEXT IT! exhibition, the KAE Gallery is creating a large Poetic Text of Kosovo.

Submission is free and open to artists and NON-artist alike.

We are looking for creative texts that are 1 to 3 lines of text about anything.
Please do NOT submit snapshots of texts with:

  • sexual content
  • offensive/vulgar/racist content
  • names of persons or content demeaning of others

We want "poetic" texts that capture genuine and authentic expressions of human communication.

Up to 3 entries can be submitting per person.
DEADLINE: Sunday, January 3, 2018

Submit your "poetic" texts online