Photo by Šehida Miftari

Photo by Šehida Miftari

Jacqueline Dulin

Executive Director / Lexo në shqip
Originally from the Washington, D.C. area, Jacqueline ("Xhaklina") earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting and art history from James Madison University. Her experience includes being an interactive designer with the Smithsonian Institution's Freer and Sackler Galleries and with the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum. After leaving the field of design, she opened her art studio in Raleigh. As a working artist, she exhibited in many juried and solo shows. Her work has won awards and are held in private collections. She continues to pursue painting while investing in the local arts community in Mitrovica.

Before becoming the executive director of KAE, Jacqueline was involved with arts education. While in the  U.S., she was a touring docent for the North Carolina Museum of Art. After moving to Mitrovica, she taught art at the Kosovo Leadership Academy.

She is also a painter and has her own studio


Jayne DeJong

Human Resources Specialist
Jayne was born and raised in Michigan.  She obtained her Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Eastern Michigan University.  She has had over 30 years’ experience in Customer Service, Human Resources and Training/Development in a variety of industries.  She loves working with people and doing what she can to see them grow and thrive.

Jayne has been a resident of Mitrovica since the fall of 2016 and during her time here she has been involved in volunteering at the Kosovo Leadership Academy.  Jayne does not consider herself an artist, but has recently returned to art as a hobby learning watercolors and hand lettering. 


Besim Ibrahimi

Community Outreach Coordinator
From Mitrovica, Besim joins the KAE Gallery with extensive experience as a professional photographer. His calm but determined attitude brings a sense of excellence to the Gallery. He has a Bachelor’s in Mass Communications – Production program from AAB University, Prishtina. His experience includes administrative skills as well as knowing how to convince his friend to be Santa for a photo shoot! Expect to see some great photography of the Gallery everywhere (but without Santa!).


Blerina Çitaku

Gallery Manager
Blerina joined the KAE Gallery as the gallery manager in the spring of 2019. She was born in Germany but raised in Mitrovica. She is a recent graduate of the Kosovo Leadership Academy. Her love of art led her to participate in several art clubs offered at her school. For her final capstone project, she presented to her classmates and faculty on the subject of “Why Art is Important.” Her passions also includes meeting new people, serving and helping her community. Her favorite thing about Kosovo is the culture and the hospitality of the people. All these things plus the energy she brings makes her a natural fit for the KAE Gallery.


Besarta Zeneli

Gallery Attendant
First starting as a high school intern and then becoming an employee as the Gallery Attendant, Besa graduated from Kosovo Leadership Academy in June 2019. In September she heads to Hungary to pursue undergraduate studies at Word of Life . Even though she’s not a person who knows a lot about art, she says the art in the various KAE Gallery exhibitions always amaze her. She credits the Gallery for giving her the opportunity to see the arts with a different perspective. She just LOVES serving people and the community. Her passion is to help EVERYONE inside and outside Kosovo. She feels joy when she makes others happy. Besa knows that art brings life to our city and community.


Rilind Sadiku

Artists Critique Session Facilitator

KAE City Tour Guide
Rilind Sadiku earned his Bachelors in Architecture from the University for Business and Technology (UBT). As an avid photographer, his involvement at the KAE Gallery includes participating in exhibitions and artists critiques. Using his passion for photography and traveling, Rilind volunteers at the gallery as the facilitator for the Artists Critique Sessions every second Saturday of the month. His easy laugh and generous spirit welcomes artists to come and experience the gallery as a place of their own. In addition to that, he is also the tour guide for the Gallery's City Walking Tours. These tours have been popular with visiting Americans as they learn about the history and architecture of the city of Mitrovica.


Tina Zeneli

High School Intern
Tina is a high school student and KAE Gallery's intern. She has been volunteering at the Gallery since February 2019. As a junior at the Kosovo Leadership Academy, she comes to the Gallery with a passion to contribute to her community. Although art might not be her thing, she knows its value to the city of Mitrovica. In addition to being a student and intern, Tina is also a member of her school's women's basketball program and is Student Body President at the KLA. Tina is driven to increase her leadership skills at school, at the Gallery, and in her community. Tina loves to greet people at the Gallery with her big warm smile!


Ethan Walker

Piano Guy
Ethan Walker has been playing the piano for 20 years and has also played the trumpet, baritone, penny whistle, mandolin, and melodica. Ethan loves deepening his knowledge of music and using music to make connections with people in both Kosova and the United States. He has lived in Kosova for more than 3 years and enjoys learning more every day about the history, culture, language, and, of course, the music of his new home. Ethan loves every opportunity he has to partner with the KAE Gallery and especially being part of bringing the community together through art and music.